Shannan Maria Gilbert (24) vanished after leaving a client's house on May 1, 2010. Times are approximate and based on the average of multiple sources.

May 13, 2022: This timeline will be edited soon to reflect new information released by the Suffolk County Police Department.

  • 12:00 - 12:20 am May 1
    Shannan Gilbert meets a client in midtown Manhattan.
  • 12:20 am May 1
    Shannan phone call to her driver, Michael Pak (3 min). Shannan called Pak and said she had finished with the client and needed to be picked up. According to Pak, another client called from Long Island.
  • 12:23 am May 1
    Shannan phone call to Pak (2 min)
  • 12:25 am May 1
    Shannan phone call to Pak (1 min)
  • 1:00 am May 1
    Shannan and Pak leave for Oak Beach for an appointment with a client, Joseph Brewer.
  • 2:00 am May 1
    Shannan and Pak arrive in Oak Beach. Shannan went inside the client’s house while Pak remained in the SUV.
  • 2:30 am May 1
    Shortly after they arrived, Shannan and Brewer left the house in his vehicle for about 15 minutes.
  • 2:55 am May 1
    Shannan calls a CVS in West Islip (460 Montauk Highway West Islip, NY 11795)
  • 2:57 am May 1
    Shannan phone call to Pak (3 min)
  • 3:00 am May 1
    Pak phone to call Shannan (3 min)
  • 3:04 am May 1
    Shannan phone call to Michael Pak (6 min)
  • 3:13 am May 1
    Pak phone call to Shannan (1 min)
  • 3:15 am May 1
    Shannan phone call to Pak (2 min)
  • 4:09 am May 1
    Shannan phone call to Pak (1 min)
  • 4:45 am May 1
    Shannan becomes agitated for an unknown reason.
  • 4:50 am May 1
    Brewer asks Pak to get Shannan out of his house. Pak enters the house and Shannan states "You guys are trying to kill me." Pak and Brewer unsuccessfully attempt to get Shannan out of the house.
  • 4:51 am May 1
    Shannan hides behind a sofa and makes a 911 call that lasts 23 minutes (4:51-5:14 am). It was reported that her call was transferred to the New York State Police instead of the Suffolk County Police. The recording was released to her family's attorney in May, 2020.
  • 4:55 am May 1
    Pak, now back in his vehicle, sees Shannan burst from Brewer ́s house and fall down the front stairs.
  • 5:00 am May 1
    Shannan knocks on neighbor Gus Coletti ́s door, repeatedly yelling "Help me!" Coletti opens the door and invites her in. Shannan keeps asking for help. Coletti calls 911 and Shannan runs out the door.
  • 5:10 am May 1
    Coletti sees Pak's SUV approaching and has a conversation with him. Pak states they were at a party and the woman got upset. Shannan is seen hiding behind Coletti ́s boat. She starts running and Pak tries to follow her but loses sight of her. She turns right on Anchor Way, which leads further into the community.
  • 5:14 am May 1
    Shannan's 911 call ends.
  • 5:21 am May 1
    Coletti calls 911 again.
  • 5:24 am May 1
    Shannan knocks on Barbara Brennan ́s door, who also calls 911.
  • 5:40 am May 1
    Suffolk County Police arrive at Oak Beach. Some sources claim police arrived at 6:00-6:10 am. Shannan cannot be found. By this point Pak has given up searching for her and is driving home.

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